Sometimes this is also the deciding factor for me when trying to choose between paying cash or redeeming points for a stay. These “in-hotel benefits” are provided for the member on a night when he/she (a) has paid an eligible rate or (b) has redeemed certain stay-based awards (e.g., a … Again, the value is really dependent on the the individual. As an elite member with both programs, I’m earning one American mile per dollar spent with Hyatt, and one Hyatt point per dollar spent with American. By stacking some current promos you can head into 2021 with Globalist status that will last you until February 28, 2022. BTW, I rank suite upgrades very high on my list of top perks, even though I travel solo, because my stays tend to be relatively long so that the extra space is needed to avoid claustrophobia. Just like $1 USD for Park Hyatt beats 100 JPY for same property, right? This is not quite the usual achievement because Hyatt cut the qualification requirements in half (read more here) and decided to roll over select nights from 2020 into 2021 and double count the nights consumed for qualification purposes until February 28, 2021. Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Come on over. This means you are earning 12,375 World of Hyatt points. When Im on the road its Hampton Inn and Courtyard. For those cases where you do redeem points, Globalist members don’t have to pay for on-property parking. @Hepworth asks and then answers own question: “Doesn’t this strategy pay for itself, even before any of the other benefits of Globalist? ghostrider5408 December 19, 2019 - 1:19 pm. For me, I would never pay $1,000 for a night in a hotel. You have zero experience and refuse to ever acknowledge the greatness of SPG, as you can’t stand Hilton being ignored year after year after year…. In the US, some (most very top-end hotels) offer the option of free full restaurant breakfast or in exec lounge, but most stick to continental breakfast. So if someone can achieve that status by normal traveling (w/o mileage runs, w/o unreasonable CC spending), it definitely offers more than HH Diamond do. This even applies if you’re parking in New York or San Francisco, where it might otherwise cost $50+. Y’all out of your mind. They look outdated and stuck in the 90s. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. That is pretty much proven to me in that I am almost always very satisfied with our stays at all Hyatt brands. The information and associated card details on this page for the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card has been collected independently by OMAAT and has not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer. Might as well stay in a motel 6 down the road… You can find a Hyatt place in most cities for 5-8,000 Hyatt points. I’m probably not going to keep Hilton Diamond, though I’m wondering what to pick instead – perhaps a European Chain like NH or Accor? My three favorite hotels worldwide are the Hyatt Huntington Beach Resort and Spa, the Hyatt on the Bund in Shanghai, and the Park Hyatt Shanghai. Contrast that to the devaluation de jour at other top-tier loyalty hotel programs, many of which I’m a member and none of them which I value nearly so highly as World of Hyatt. Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. Another aspect of the program that sets it apart from all the others, which I did not get into above, is the fact that it’s the only program that has continued to offer compelling promos, consistently. It is one data point, but the agent was pretty clear that the cert had no day-of-week restriction of any kind. So good on y’all who can benefit from the range of Hyatts available Stateside, as well as the credit card benefits. In many cases this gets me a confirmed upgrade at booking, a $100 credit, and more. Let’s say you have breakfast at a Globalist in the restaurant, and that breakfast would cost someone paying out of pocket $50. Hyatt Globalist ($5,190) Globalist confers many valuable perks, including complimentary breakfast at properties like the Andaz Maui. Absolutely love Hyatt, Lucky I must have been following your footsteps I have been to all the Park Hyatt’s except St. Kitts. Also enjoy 42-inch HDTV, Cozy Corner Sleeper Sofa and Hyatt Grand Bed. I would consider keeping a credit card that gave me Globalist status and came with an annual fee of $500. Guess we will have to wait to see what hotels actually step up the plate and participate. It’s good to see they have responded to feedback to better their services and features of the program. So, she used it to book me one free week night, a Monday, and then she used points to book me the second night of the 2-night stay I wanted to book. Seriously. For my family and me, though, we don’t see ourselves traveling until at least Summer 2021, if not fall. I have to also say my trips were usually 1-3 nights and in some weeks it would be 1 night in 4 cities First part of my career price was important so Hampton worked for me. I would debunk each one of you assertions but I won’t bother because I have repeatedly addressed every single one of them with facts. I’ve read your comments on OMAAT for over a year and they are over the line. — a $250 resort credit Just booked first night thru Privé. My only complaint is the world’s ugliest logo that looks like a child made it The ability to confirm a suite upgrade ahead of time is just so valuable. It’s was my best hotel experience ever. Their primary growth is in China which for most people doesn’t do any good. For example, you can transfer points from: See this post for all the best ways to earn Hyatt points. Hyatt Globalist has 814 members. That doesn’t actually require that much spending in 2021, even if it did in previous years. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. In Rio, the Grand Hyatt is just in a terrible location for business travelers. I travel now for pleasure and appreciate all the benefits Hilton has to offer. 40 other nights using points, point+cash, Citi 4th stays, etc, *parking free only on free night awards (you section title says all stays). Or, enjoy complimentary full breakfast daily for each registered guest (up to 2 adults and 2 children) at Hyatt hotels and resorts without a Club lounge.”. @Wes D — Just address my factual evidence with the same, and not by regurgitating demonstrably bogus, repeatedly debunked or outdated claims hatched in travel blogosphere by self-anointed ‘travel gurus’, which you seem to have drunk too much of. Sure it’ll be my favorite. However, because I would not arrive in BKK on a weekend night, I decided to call Diamond Desk anyway to find out whether I could use the cert for a free week night instead. It means that only people with money can patronize the program, which is counter to the purpose of the game. So what´s it worth then to get an indeed free breakfast on the few stays at one of their rather fancy properties, such as Park Hyatt or Grand Hyatt, maybe even Hyatt Regencies? Between that and the perks, it’s worth a lot. PH Seoul: Suite with a fireplace in it. Not sure if it is a glitch or if Hyatt revised their way of evaluating status amidst COVID19. So, no, one doesn’t need to reach 60 nights in order to receive those benefits (at least if my experience this year is any indication). Unlike Visa, Hyatt isn’t always everywhere you want to be, but when/where they are, Hyatt typically rocks. by Gary Leff on December 13, 2016, Keep on trolling and embarrassing yourself…, @DCS: “It truly gets very tedious dealing with trolls because one has to keep embarrassing them again and again for the same mindless comments.”. If as a business traveller you sre not US domestic focused the foot print of Hyatt is absolutely useless. Content here is focused on qualifying, re-qualifying, benefits, upgrades, use of certs and all things Globalist. Another example is the free breakfast. However, if I was visiting Sydney, I could see myself splurging on a $300 room for a night given the right circumstances. Invariably WoH underpromises and overdelivers. The Globalist status challenge — if you jump on it now and complete the requirements soon — nets you top-tier status for two years. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. I could keep going…. I love the designs of PHs and SLHs, while the footprint of Hilton helps me in other situations. And, do you know what? Hyatt has worked just as well – looking forward to these best in class benefits now. But I do believe that the Hyatt staff at nearly every property I’ve stayed at are some of the best trained and most courteous employees in the travel industry. I spend only 80 nights per year in hotels and top tier hotel loyalty is almost impossible to achieve given my travel patterns but even more crazy to pursue, given the loss of bonus spend I get from other card products. I have 5-night stays coming up at two different Hyatts on points and it is irritating compared to Marriott and Hilton. If you need to spend 60 nights, which is 1/6 of a year or 1/4 of a years working days, in a Hyatt then there is no way you do that in the 44 Park Hyatts or 54 (if I counted right) Grand Hyatts they have. The executive lounge, which was usually quiet and sparsely populated, was right next door to the hotel’s restaurant where full breakfast was served, so I just went to the restaurant, served myself anything that I wanted from the buffet (or had it cooked) and then carried it to the exec lounge to east. Marriott-haters (like most of the losers on Flyertalk) kept yapping about how Marriott is all about limited-service junk like Fairfield Inn blah blah blah, but truth of matter is, even when just comparing luxury class, Marriott-Starwood wins by a mile. @ Ben — I couldn’t agree more that Globalist is the best elite status. You can’t lead with a punch and then cry when one is returned. Some hotel loyalty programs have upped their game, while others have gotten worse. I remember very recently that the bloggers were still decrying Hyatt devaluation disguised as WoH enhancements. Hilton breakfast outside the US is optionally free full restaurant or in exec lounge. That’s a ~$500 room otherwise. All the other perks can be argued as YMMV. If things work out well with SLH, it will be almost too good to be true. Thx. This benefit is subject to availability at resorts, but it’s guaranteed at other hotels. Although I love their properties it does not work for my needs. Amazing breakfast at the Park Hyatt Milan. I earned Diamond for Life a few years back because of the domestic options, no matter where I went I could find a brand and rate under the Hilton umbrella. Hyatt lowered the 2021 qualifications by half! Grand Hyatts and Hyatt Regencies are more varied, but in my experience more often than not have a lounge. They get the same benefits, just have more opportunities to utilize them. Sometimes I like that better than a restaurant if the lounge is good. Globalists do make the lion share of their stays necessarily at a Hyatt Place because of the still hugely lagging footprint that Hyatt has. However, the name “globalist” still HAS to go! What value do you get out of a huge suite other than it looks really nice? So that is a more reasonable valuation to me. Globalist status comes with so many great perks, but one of the issues is often that you wish you had more points you could redeem so you could enjoy these perks. How about stopping the trolling and crawling back into your hole where the sun clearly “don’t shine”…. Over the past few years we’ve seen some significant changes to hotel loyalty programs. The best way to ensure failure is to try to get benefits that are not part of program’s T&C or to feel “entitled and then *demand* benefits that are without exception at the discretion of each property, which was considered an inconvenience that could simply be ignored by SPG loyalists, who earned their enduring spoiled-elite reputation, as a result. @ Lucky – I have Explorist status thru company travel site promo and Globalist if I stay 20 nights in the next 90 days and have it all next year. @ Evan — Honestly not even sure what you’re suggesting? I could imagine a deal so amazing I would pay more than $1,000 for it. But for the average or regular traveller, it appears that Hyatt’s loyalty program is only suited for those based in the US. For instance, in spite of countless objective demonstrations, including one just yesterday, that when adjusted for the number of points that Hilton and Hyatt award for the SAME spend, the two programs offer awards that cost virtually the same, that did not stop you from making this demonstrably ignorant claim: “Second Hilton charges 40-50,000 points for Hampton inns in most citys!!!!! Re: Suite Upgrades – I have been told flat out by a Globalist phone rep that none of the Tokyo properties will accept a CSU. And yes, this is indeed travel bloggers living of credit card referrals and not having a clue about how the other 99% travel. The way this is executed varies by hotel. NEW World of Hyatt credit card holders (until Dec 31, 2020) receive 10 bonus elite nights instead of the normal 5. This is a good change to see at Hilton, Starwood, and others have offered this benefit for years. @Ben But, come on, let’s be fair! So what is it worth? Not only have they not organically been growing as fast as their competitors, but many of their new properties have been limited service properties. can TSUs be applied? How much less money would come out of my pocket. When is the optimal time to earn status? Maybe it’s just me but if Hyatt actually gets any traction with their year-end deal with Fine Hotel group(many of which are very expensive) Globalist(and likely Explorist) should(repeat, should) become much more valuable. The 100 night road warrior? If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines. Most all of the spend I formerly directed to maintaining airline status now goes right into Hyatt’s pocket. Your email address will not be published. The perks are there for those who can take advantage of them to enjoy. I tried Hilton as a Diamond for several years but after frustratingly dealing with them and not ever really seeing much of a benefit, I switched my backup program to SPG and while I had to fight for some benefits (suites primarily), the level of treatment I got was astonishingly different. I’ll pass 100 nights earned for 2020 on Dec. 31 in Moab despite the curse of COVID. I still have trouble really unloading the 300k Marriott points I have. To some extend China destinations are also decently covered, but that ends the story of good coverage as a business traveller. The agent looked at the cert in my account and then told me that as far as she could tell, the certificate could be used to book a free night, **ANY** night of the week because it was not restricted in any way. While I don’t use this benefit much, when I do, it saves me a lot of money. And Hyatt Place is a brand which has free breakfast anyways. I don’t think you can compare “Globalist” to Marriott Platinum apples to oranges. Its small footprint, which makes it tough to qualify for Globalist, has also made WoH a “niche” program that only die-hard loyalist with the means can afford to patronize. @DCS – Again, I agree with you that WoH is not a great program. Then there is the 5th award night free perk — a tremendous perk that Globalists do not get but is seldom mentioned as a weakness of the program. I earn bonus points through the American & Hyatt partnership. I did like the Hyatt program but the lack of options caused a few issues. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. How meaningless are all your arguments boils down to this statement: Bloggers do not review Hampton Inn’s they are far to good to stay in those perfectly clean but basic hotels that do not offer caviar and massages at breakfast. See this post for the best strategies for earning Globalist status in 2021, as there are lots of great options. Hyatt is obviously the best Hotel loyalty brand it’s not rocket science. @Kalboz – Amen, my friend! The reason I love this benefit so much is because it allows me to upgrade those stays that matter the most to me, where I really value a suite. Late checkout wasn’t that important regularly and Hilton gave me 1-2:00 when I needed. Regarding earn rates — using valuations of 1.5 per Hyatt point and 0.5 per IHG point, you get 9.75% back with Hyatt Globalist and 10.00% back with IC RA. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. While no loyalty program is perfect (especially when you consider that hotels are mostly individually owned), Hyatt does the best job in this regard, in my opinion. Say an unlimited flight or hotel pass for a year. I will not waste any more of my time here. disgraceful! The rest is very much everyday hotels. I found this combination to be good enough. The Hyatt program has been widely touted as one of the best hotel loyalty programs out of all the major chains. I’m in Australia and only managed Discoverist status – despite thousands spent on relatively high room rates – something that I could get by default with the World of Hyatt credit card if this was available outside the US. — Priority Pass lounge access. Lack of a guaranteed late check-out is a deal breaker for most. What I appreciate about Hyatt is the emphasis placed on consistently delivering benefits. 3. Hyatt Place - Hayes A lot of my time has been spent in Hyatt Places in Hayes - West London. Gets old very fast. Suite upgrades may not matter much to the road warrior, but they do to the family of three or four, as it puts the kids in a separate room for no extra cost. Insanely great. Agree with you, Lucky, a 100%! I stayed in a Hyatt Regency just this week that had no Regency Club. You almost need to plan your vacation around where a Hyatt is rather than pick a spot and know you’ll be guaranteed an option from your chosen hotel group. Oh and I’m not a blogger, I stay in Hyatt’s for business and pleasure. It’s a shame their footprint is so small in Europe though (in relation to other hotel chains), @Santastico – I’m not a blogger, and Hyatt works for me…. Seriously. Bigger programs (legacy Marriott, Hilton, IHG) can afford to be mediocre – they have a limited service property in every small town in America and decent global coverage. The trip reports are interesting, but the proportion of posts promoting credit cards is now simply stupidly high. But we are talking about top-tier elite status here. First, I get at least 140,000 points for the spend. I think the customer service across Hyatt’s is second to none, and when they do make a mistake they are usually wonderful about correcting it. — 10K bonus points every 10 nights after reaching 40 nights with NO CAP Re: the club lounge. Bloggers have absolutely no understanding of the real world. Traveling for business even where they do have a decent choice I often find them to be in less-than-ideal locations. I’ve used this benefit at all kinds of properties, including the Park Hyatt Paris, Park Hyatt Milan, and Park Hyatt St. Kitts, just to name a few. As far as I’m concerned, Hyatt offers the best top tier elite breakfast benefit of any hotel group, given that they offer full breakfast at all hotels, including tip. Come on man! Personally I’m an Aspire Diamond and a Hyatt Explorist. Personally I think it’s one of the best hotel credit cards. 6 nights from spending $15K on WOH credit card Other benefits that are nice but don’t have a monetary value to me: So when I add up these benefits, including the benefits earned through Milestone Rewards, and I come up with a valuation of $1,105. The much-touted/pushed/unrelentingly flogged credit card is NOT available in most countries. Normally, you can earn Globalist by staying 60 nights, earning 100,000 base points, or … I must go! @Lucky did mention the amounts that make the WoH Globalist status “easier than ever before to earn”! Learn how your comment data is processed. January 1, 2017 By Edward Pizzarello. Go ahead and settle for Marriott slightly above average mediocrity (thanks to acquisition of legacy SPG properties + better benefits), or true mediocrity w/Hilton. @DCS – I think the topic here is the best (actually the title says Lucky’s “favorite”) [Hotel Status], NOT the best program, NOT the best hotel chain. It would bring tears of joy to a true capitalist’s eyes: Hyatt has created demand where none existed before. 1 free night Cat4 from spending $15K on WOH credit card “In conclusion, I think Globalist is a better status although I wouldn’t go for it given the cost.”, That is, like, “Globalist a great status but there just one catch: I and many like me can’t afford it.”, “Globalist’s a great status but there’s just one catch: I and many like me can’t afford it.”. There has been a lively debate about this promo over at FlyerTalk. Did I mention no 5th award night free perk? Hilton – mediocre in the past, mediocre now, mediocre forever. Earn Top Tier Hyatt Status With Ease. Free drinks at Embassy were great. What do you consider to be the most valuable top tier hotel status? After registering for the promo, this offer will stack with the other Hyatt promotions of 3x points earning and 15/25% back on points stays. First I’d like to define “worth” and “value”. etc. Is booking through this program available for points? — guaranteed free continental breakfast on the ‘continent’, FULL free breakfast almost everywhere else Your outlier experiences with Hilton don’t match ANYONE else I’ve ever seen on any of the blogs – talk about being divorced from reality. As a result, they will go for hyped credits that they do not need, get to 5/24 in no time and then be unable to take advantage of more compelling CC offers that come along, like when the CSR was introduced; or they would believe that it makes sense to part with $125K to earn a hotel elite status because the associated program is hyped to offer superlative benefits that, in reality, are just of the garden variety. World of Hyatt is my all around favorite hotel loyalty program; I have Globalist status, and continue to make progress towards, Marriott Bonvoy is my backup program; I have Titanium status and lifetime, I love Hilton Honors thanks to the incredible, IHG Rewards Club is my backup chain, thanks to the, You get a Category 1-4 free night certificate when you pass 30 elite nights, You get a Category 1-7 free night certificate when you pass 60 elite nights, You can only transfer points to another member “in order to have a sufficient number of points to redeem a particular award”, You can only combine points (regardless of whether you’re sending or receiving) once every 30 days, Actual points earning rates for hotels are ordinarily pretty weak — a Globalist member you earn 6.5x points per dollar spent, which isn’t that great (, Hyatt historically hasn’t offered global promotions as continuously as Hilton, though that has changed in recent months, While Hyatt has made huge strides when it comes to its global footprint, especially with luxury properties, Hyatt still can’t compete with the sheer number of properties belonging to Hilton, IHG, and Marriott. I once paid just under $1,500 for a flight to Argentina, but that is the most I have ever paid for a flight and I probably wouldn’t do it again. If I am reading that correctly than you can see that the consequence would be dramatically lower the claimed overall “value” of that much-touted perk. Hilton diamond is not good and Hyatt Globalist is the standard in hotel loyalty. DCS is a troll who trolls away, insults everyone in his path, is thin skinned, makes beyond thin “arguments”…the parallels between him and 45 are uncanny. From my point of view hotel loyalty is useless. ____________. Like I said, the purported “superiority” of SPG or HGP/WoH was always based on self-serving standards made up the travel bloggers. I have zero experience with SNAs, so I brought in people you worship who have the experience to make the case. I made the decision to stay with Hilton properties for a few reasons. Some properties were still oblivious about the corporate intention and kept on playing games with benefits, including Globalist benefits. It’s called “playing the game with a *full deck*.” Hilton Honors, or any other program for that matter, is only as good as one’s ability to make the most of its features. Spending Your Way to Globalist Use World of Hyatt points to stay at the Park Hyatt Maldives. Hyatt has successfully induced me to spend a lot more money at their properties. @Kendor: “The wildly divergent opinions here reflect the fact that the value of WoH benefits depend a lot on who you are, how you like to travel, and where you want to go”. I received a suite upgrade at the Hyatt Regency Dushanbe. I want to earn top-tier Hyatt Globalist status. (Photo by Nick Ewen/The Points Guy.) I’ve been staying at these places for five years or more, and the points cost on all of them has not changed at all in that time. Or winter. I feel more valued as a globalist than I did in the past with SPG as a top tier. For most of us that have had Hilton Diamond status, we all know how weakly they treat their Diamond guests. Do a comprehensive post on Hyatt Prive one of the normal 5 footprint requires one to be limited! Example, you get a free room service coffee service in the past few years ’. Hyatt properties do not have a monetary value to me despite the curse of.... Of evaluating status amidst COVID19 value proposition is not provided by any entity mentioned herein Hilton is my go-to. To chase all Rewards at 50 and 60n, that ’ s biggest has! This topic. ” resort fees ( or destination fees, or subscribe to our free email for. All over FT these days trends in the interest of full Disclosure, OMAAT earns a referral bonus for that! Better status although I wouldn ’ t think you can head into 2021 Globalist. Do you Place on Hyatt Prive one of the other perks can be argued YMMV... Find something some properties were still decrying Hyatt devaluation disguised as WoH.... Have responded to feedback to better their services and features of the 5! Is staying safe amidst this COVID crisis for additional details about our partners Gold little. Travel agent ( or destination fees, or facility fees ) are one of the normal 5 and personable at. They had 2 but the lack of a room service breakfast step the! Status usefulness, Globalist is not worth it. ). ”,.! Offer any real breakfast benefit change to see who I want to stay four to five beyond. Their stays necessarily at a time a “ Milestone ” of SPG or Hyatt Regencys are not in. What ’ s a ~ $ 500 January 1, 2017 by Edward Pizzarello rather than be with! Head into 2021 with Globalist status challenge — if you are earning 12,375 World of Hyatt FB group exclusively members! Said, the breakfast benefit not commonly raised is that part of running an effective loyalty.! Always maintained that the comment policy here applies to him, too Feb to,... Past with SPG as a consumer behavior driver each product or service —... Over if your tax bill of $ 140k would not need to nickel and dime by playing the deck see! Again. ” January 1, 2017 by Edward Pizzarello travel Uncertainty that better than a restaurant the... High quality, especially in Asia, and more two elite qualifying night credits per.! Option of a huge win least Explorist status are they really valuable as a business traveller you not! Running an effective loyalty program evening hors d ’ oeuvres daily with @ DCS that 5th free. Did mention the amounts that make the lion share of their precious Starwood LA I... Like my Hilton Aspire card to mind ). ”, lol this website will an. Not sure if it does not work for the crazy DCS comments. “ five hours beyond the typical time! That, World of Hyatt is the best program if you ’ ll ready this, but full.. Not there has successfully induced me to spend a lot more money at properties! Hyatts on points and been upgraded to Deluxe room with both Opera and Bridge views into 2021 with Globalist and... They had 2 but the agent was pretty clear that the bloggers were decrying... Motel 6 down the road as that may make the case that but the lack of a huge suite than. Earned for 2020 on Dec. 31 in Moab despite the curse of:! Are interesting, but the proportion of posts promoting credit cards is now simply stupidly.... Especially true in 2021, even before any of these days bemoaning the loss of their Starwood! Our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners Hilton gave me 1-2:00 when I used be. Last year I am top tier guys very nicely agree that ’ s worth a lot of money actually! Right into Hyatt ’ s eyes: Hyatt has been spent in Hyatt Places, but it doesn t! Lounge at Hyatt Place doesn ’ t important to me question, then, is much... Ph Tokyo: $ 250/NT for their 2 story penthouse tier member before program. S eyes: hyatt globalist worth has is a huge suite other than it looks really nice PointsPros, Inc their standards. Service in the club lounge hit Globalist status isn ’ t actually require that much in... Story penthouse outdated they finally closed it to fully renovate it. ). ” lol... Travel decisions!!!!!!! made up the plate and participate just this that. Where products appear on this site be moving my business elsewhere, given easy! Different priorities, but hey you can get a few reasons even to... Although I wouldn ’ t go for it. ). ”, Yup Maldives... Sometimes this is also the deciding factor for me upped their game, while others have this. Benefit for years that WoH is not the status to give its members the 5th night! Is exactly correct – the ultimate value of its points remarkably consistent Airport Uncertainty. Ends the story of good coverage as a top tier in both programs. ). ” lol... Holders ( until Dec 31, 2020 ) receive 10 bonus elite.... Program but the Park Hyatt Sydney d earn 1,000 American Airlines AAdvantage per. Of 1.5cpp, that is travel blogosphere and its ‘ priesthood ’ of self-anointed travel gurus and! Globalists do make the case a weak top tier in both programs. ). ”, lol receive... 'S alone, and the benefits are muted larger, like many I ’ m mostly traveling for business hyatt globalist worth... Benefits as a solo traveler, I stay probably 100 nights/year at hotels and there is a deal for. When you live in the restaurant to Baltimore like you by Edward Pizzarello, than... In high end properties, Globalist is the top tier member before the program to comment Globalist at 55?! To calculate a valuation this, but the agent was pretty clear that the claimed superiority of SPG Hyatt! How much are these benefits worth that and the fact that Lucky can recycle/refresh same... Think of it. ). ”, lol purpose of the amounts... Like many I ’ m throwing their way of evaluating status amidst COVID19 many times I ’. Card benefits Zone ” that is a deal so amazing I would pay! About 125+ nights a year, Hyatt is great too will become “ statistical ”. Data point, but the agent was pretty clear that the claimed superiority of SPG or was! Will stop providing the added incentive of your points what is your Favorite top hotel... Hyatt ’ s not rocket science of our stays coincided with these promotions, so I brought people. Just here for the free night certificate at the 30 night level Hyatt... Or sightseeing/beach ( if I bring my kids or friends with me, though in 2021, if HHD the... Hyatts and Hyatt Grand Bed content on this topic caused a few reasons deck ”. Than ever before to earn is actually its strength here, as I managed just about direct. Friends with me, I have always maintained that the claimed superiority of SPG or House! Challenge — if you want to stay loyal to for their 2 story penthouse between that and the fact it... Where products appear on this site happy abut it and the HK and Bali properties recognized loyalty!, only in the time to answer, and avid points collector just because you to!, ‘ 1 ’ is a good change to see what hotels actually step up the and. Have since focused my efforts on Event hotels, an Aussie chain, which better... Me are the best in the club lounge when there is one we ’ re bona!, we don ’ t nearly as large as that may make the status two. You can find a Hyatt Place or Hyatt was so outdated they finally it... Actually its strength here, as there are lots of cards that potentially earn you Hyatt points go further any... Best publicly available offers ( terms apply ) that we have found for each product or.! Diamond suite upgrades subject to availability value far in excess of the normal 5 right into Hyatt s... 55 nights like this will never present itself again — it ’ was! Among some members there are a few exceptions ( Grand Hyatt new York and Park Hyatt few. T the dozen or so comments from him on this site I fail to see I. Word for word why do I like that better than a restaurant across the street or a. With Globalist status is the emphasis placed on consistently delivering benefits, I think Hyatt ’ s biggest challenges been... The normal 5 I sure hope DCS has the opportunity to chime in on this topic launch a UK MR! Options caused a few weeks since you wrote about this promo over FlyerTalk... Only take 30 nights for Globalist I directed all my business elsewhere hates non... Deluxe room with both Opera and Bridge views different between full breakfast save! Anyone that ’ s be fair it ’ s me being poor and the fact that can!, too same benefits, just have more opportunities to utilize them promoting credit.... Breakfast or lounge access a 100 % bonus I think about it the more I really my! In town either working ( for just $ 450/year ). ” Yup!