This isn’t easy as new sailors on a big boat. Watching their videos reminds me of being there…especially the color of the water. This canvas gets torn and mildewed and needs to be maintained properly. Free, Audible (Ross’ favorite way to consume books). Ha! } Ifyou write and get paid for the work all the better. for both. In reality, that’s not what worked for us out of the gate. As you know, there are a gazillion answers to that question based on lifestyle choices and a ton of other factors. Some of these yacht clubs are surrounded by nice shops, restaurants with live bands, etc.. You wouldn’t need a car as most tourists bicycle around anyway helping to lower your monthly costs. Belize This is everything else boat related, including any small purchases we make for the boat (ex. We also get an annual travel credit with the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Anticipating my new life on the water I knew I wanted to learn more about cooking, baking, and making things from scratch. That’s a thing? And the whales. You might be surprised to know that the cost of living on a sailboat full … There are a lot of options for unlimited data in the US, as well as hotspot data. While cruising the east coast we have used T-Mobile. I’m not sure what I was expecting but my image was that it was an expensive lifestyle. And yes, marinas make it easier. If you are frugal, there is no possible way that a house will be cheaper than living on a sailboat. Maybe it’s better (as cost effective or even less expensive) than moving to a low cost of living city or foreign country. document.getElementById("af-form-1925292122").className = 'af-form af-quirksMode'; I live in Poland and I have my yacht here. A few years ago we downsized our stuff, sold our home, and set out to live on a sailboat with no previous experience. Any advice would be much much appreciated. Boating can be done for cheaper, but I find that’s not the average boater. if (document.getElementById("af-footer-1925292122")) { Big bonus points upfront for a cute title! We use our sails. (That…and my wife says something like…”Oh hell no…!” ?) People Around You Pay Millions For Your View. Even after the 40 gigs we still have hot spot data at 2G. Get a free copy of "Three Steps to Financial Independence. (Even land based people do not usually truly take into account the true cost of home ownership and “deal with it” when something happens). Be patient and keep moving forward. A liveaboard boat should have a fair amount of canvas to make life aboard more comfortable. if (document.getElementById("af-form-1925292122")) { Required fields are marked *. When Tom first bought our liveaboard … Expect to pay about a dollar a night for every foot of your boat. Let’s take a look at a few of my new “friends”…. How much does it cost to live on a boat? I watched them cross the Pacific Ocean in their catamaran (yes, you read that right — they did it) and I was on the edge of my seat with every video! There is truth to this. Get the latest posts on living a minimalist lifestyle on a boat. So many naysayers on here, and most of them are so ill-informed. Here are some final thoughts when creating your future sailboat cruising budget. It is something I’m seriously considering as a lifestyle for a few years. We are more comfortable with boat systems, weather, and making repairs while on the anchor. $8, Disney Plus (prepaid for 3 years during a special offer.) Marinas vs. mooring balls – location will affect your lifestyle. We always make sure to travel at an optimal time for the current. But, since we’re a high-use tenant, we’re also responsible for an additional $400 per month. My wife who by the way gets sea sick when it’s rough, refuses to stop living aboard as the adventures we’ve be had, the peace the quiet the nature is all she wants. In other words, you can save a ton by anchoring in a harbor versus at a marina, creating/using your own energy, catching your food, etc. We give you the tools to calculate your own cruising budget, because you need to find a budget that works for YOU. I did not include the cost of the boat in these numbers because we technically bought her last year (2017) and everything we have spent on her this year has been to increase her value. You are forced to get outside no matter what the weather, meaning you don’t miss those stunning sunsets, rainbows or dramatic thunderstorms. Paddling is free! In 5 minutes it satisfied my curiosity and showed me this is not the life for me! I live full-time aboard a 38-foot catamaran with my husband and our cat, Augustus. Learning to maintain, operate, cook, and just be on a boat will take time. I’ll simply post titles, links, and summaries: Lots of information here and quite a spread on costs. For the ladies, I do recommend you research ways to have a zero-waste period. For us, our cost of living on a sailboat isn't so far from our land-based spending. Living On A Sailboat in the Caribbean in 2017: The Cost, Our Cost of Living: Sailing Around the World (Dana Greyson), Cruising Budget for the Third Year on a New Catamaran, about the site, the author, and keys to becoming wealthy here,, It was approximately 80 below zero, 12 feet of snow on the ground, and we had seen six months of winter by the time January rolled around. Thanks for this post. I love to spend time alone by the water and I often use this type of vacation. } I quickly learned some people cruise for less than $1,000 a month and some on upwards of $10,000 a month. These help us earn points that pay for our travel. a rug for the salon), our USCG documentation, Amazon Prime membership, etc. They currently have over 600k YouTube subscribers. A narrowboat can cost as little as £15,000 for a 'project craft' to more than £150,000 for a brand new boat, built to your own specification. Larger canvas awnings can cover much of the boat deck and keep things inside cooler on the hottest summer days. But that’s a no-go from my wife. We have been there a handful times (three on cruises and twice on trips to Grand Cayman). In a marina, you will often have waterfront … It’s no surprise boat maintenance is top of the list. Learning to live this lifestyle is not always easy. Living full time on a catamaran will cost between $2,000 per month and $5,000 per month for a family of four and a little less for a couple with no children, plus the cost to maintain your boat which on average costs between 5% and 10% of the cost of the boat but also varies depending on the age and condition and size of the boat. A lot of times I’ll kill the propane and by the time we are anchored dinner is ready. In the Caribbean. Marina Fees Slip fee – $800-900 per month Live aboard fees – $75 per month ($50 for 1 person, $25 for each after) Metered electric – $35-130 (ranging from winter to summer) But fear not friends - where there is a yin, there is a yang! But…I still have hope that we could rent one for a week and see how we like it. But since she already makes $19,927,345 a minute on her blog (or something close to that), she doesn’t really have any incentive to do it. We get dockage and fuel discounts often. (function() { You can sign up to receive ESI Money articles via email or by RSS. The person commenting above is the first I’ve heard say that it’s way cheaper, haha. So, though it is significantly less expensive by the numbers, especially when you add up ongoing maintenance and large periodical repairs, upgrades/expenditures etc. No unique expenses with in-home health or dental care. Here’s a recent video of theirs (warning: if you watch this, you’ll likely find yourself spending the next 4-5 days reviewing back episodes): The next video blog is titled Gone with the Wynns. if (!IE) { return; } In San Diego, where they live, they could spend more than $2,350 a month for an apartment. Regarding La Vaga – as it turns out, one of the executives at Outremer followed them for a long time and had the idea of getting them in a cat. Our second year the cost dropped from 2.8% of the boat value to 1.3%. Aside from the trampoline, we have not replaced any big ticket items so we expect this percentage may increase over the next couple of years. With this carrier, we get unlimited data and 40 gigs of hot spot data each month. This is consistently our biggest expense on the boat. Free, Hulu (included with Spotify but we don’t use it much). We run on one engine. Seeking new experiences through life on a boat, How to Be Ruthless When Decluttering Clothes, Living on a Boat: What to Expect When You Cruise Full-Time. I haven’t met any full-time boater who says that boating is affordable. I have had to pleasure in meeting several couples and even families living this lifestyle in both the med, Asia and Carib. We are still learning. This is something I wish I had transitioned to before cruising. We start with fresh salads and homemade cilantro hummus bowls. Not to mention, it requires a lot more planning. I love being on boats so I completely get where you are coming from. Retiring on a boat is definitely doable. Your email address will not be published. Next I found an article on Business Insider. Plan your trips bad ones become rare. The couple recently broke down their living expenses for Business Insider. Please let me know if I missed an expense you are curious about. Since then, we’ve been our own plumber, mechanic, seamstress, and electrician. If you’ve been researching the cost of living on a boat, you know it is more economical to anchor than to dock in a marina. We loved it so much, that we are already planning two months there next winter. It will make your life easier and save you money too. Need to check out bumfuzzle. Yes, a catamaran! We ration veggies and fruits, making sure we leave the hardiest for last. I would guess a realistic budget for us would be around 75-100k a year which would include side trips and travel home every 3-4 months to stay connected to family and friends. Sam Train, a naval officer, lives on a 40-foot Catalina cruiser with his wife and their new baby. You sacrifice the space, but make up with excitement, adventure and living with nature. This almost always leads to running the engines more. $4. My dream is to go to the Caribbean or Greece for a yacht trip with friends. Whenever we are in a place where eating out is convenient we tend to slowly fall back into old habits. This will help you create a cruising budget which will be unique to you. If you decide to spend 1/3 of the year in an apartment somewhere, this means you now need to pay for the apartment and the marina slip. I still prefer a mono hull over a cat, Hi, could you elaborate on your comment a little please “We have made good money on each boat, buy wise get professional advise get a survey. Please read my disclosure statement for more info. When we were saving for the cruising kitty we found ways to cut our mobile bill by using data on our home and work WiFi. The sequence of events went something like this: Once back home I considered going back to the Caribbean but this time renting a catamaran (with a captain). Their monohull is what is quoted in that piece you mentioned above – not their latest boat. Here are a few adjustments we make to maximize our fuel efficiency. And since we planned to live on a smaller budget I also wanted to be conscious of spending on food. Having explored the various costs to consider when owning a narrowboat in the previous section; this section is a case study to illustrate the actual costs associated with living-aboard a canal boat. You will need to store enough food for at least a few weeks at a time. What? I guess I always knew that some people did this, but I was clueless that many did. We also save money by minimizing disposables such as paper towels and sandwich bags. Florida liveaboard mooring fields give you a chance to live on your boat without having to spend as much as you would on a typical marina slip fee. The above expenses are based on actively cruising on our 38 foot catamaran. Dreaming of our cruising days I had the idea we would anchor out and rarely pay for marinas. Boat insurance was not available if only 2 people were sailing a boat and health insurance was not available. Nothing hits the spot like a cold beer after the anchor drops. Choosing a departure time around the current makes a big difference in travel time and fuel efficiency. Cost of living on a narrowboat will vary from person to person depending upon your lifestyle. A bit different than what I was looking for but still adds to the general topic knowledge. Last year I traveled to American Samoa. I’m just digging into more of the details, but have met an 80 year old woman who enjoys this lifestyle and she’s not wealthy. Average Cost $449. makes their videos fun, entertaining, and educational while also showing great Caribbean scenery. I highly recommend you continue to research and read as much as possible about the cost of living on a sailboat. You’ll be constantly learning. I worked on boats and engines occasionally for some cash. Haha to the suckers in Michigan!!! A great way to cut costs is by dining out for a late lunch rather than dinner and skipping the alcohol. Or if you have any tips for cutting expenses please share them in the comments below. In addition to my love of the Caribbean, you also know that I’m fascinated by the thought of retiring on a cruise ship. Food And Supplies. As a couple who dined out regularly in our Colorado ski town, it was going to be tough to start cooking 3 meals a day living aboard. On the ICW, we unfurl the jib to make better speed if the wind is right. Most boats won’t have spare power for hairdryers and straighteners. This 30-ish couple is sailing all over creation and sharing their story. Can you imagine crossing the PACIFIC OCEAN in a catamaran????!!!! With experience, we’ve built more confidence. Joining a Sailing Club. Instead, we experiment with different types of food to make meals onboard rewarding. It’s hard to find a place to legally live on a boat. But she did share links to several people who are recording their lives living on catamarans. The path to get there involves three simple steps starting with the letters E-S-I. We love anchoring out, but it does come with a set of variables that dictate comfort and safety while you’re on the hook. However, when we dock in remote places or anchor away from shore access there is less (or no) opportunity to eat out. After that period of my Iife Isat down and figured the cost of living on the boat was approximately $20,000.00 including repairs, reprinting hulls, sail work, and a flight home once a year. In other words, they are not hurting for funds. When we moved aboard our phone plan became the main internet source. })(); For email updates, simply enter your email address in the box below. Got the exact same conclusion like yours… wife had seasick… ha ha What about buying a boat, living on it, and sailing it around the Caribbean? September 21, 2011. } } I believe they are currently in the South Pacific. She gets seasick just thinking about that. For RSS updates, visit this link. I used to love spending money on clothes. Insurance was a huge expensive our first year. On our catamaran, we can run one engine instead of two and only lose about 1 - 1.5 knots. On the cruise we took several excursions (one at each port). There are several guys and girls, somewhat of a rotating cast (or so it seems), in their 20’s, sailing all over creation together. The reason living on your sailboat year-round opposed to seasonally is so much cheaper for you is because you still need to rent a marina slip regardless of if you live on the boat or not. Haha! I know your wife won’t go for it, but hopefully you get more cruises in your future. The Projects When Living on a Sailboat are Endless. We still enjoy going out as a way to experience the local cuisine but it has become a treat as opposed to how we live. I have given some thought to purchasing a slip (in the Carolina’s around $25k + about $1800/yr yacht club fees) living aboard and using that as my hub. It’s something I’ve pondered for some time now, but has recently popped into the forefront of my thinking. We also have a Boat US membership which more than pays for itself. People actually live on a boat? Here is an article about the budget that might be of interest to those who want to learn more:, I have been a live aboard boatie for 14 years now and my wife has spent last 8 of those with me. What, just me? Most are somewhere between. That means we spent about $2,020 a month for two people. I recommend having at least unlimited mobile data for research and logistics involved when cruising. Spend time learning to make flexible meals. For folks dreaming of this lifestyle, I’m not saying you won’t be able to start living on the anchor immediately. They have special programs for retirees to fast track permanent residency and affordable Caribbean real estate that is not too difficult to purchase. I loved this post as well. If it was up to me, we will go there at least once per year for the rest of our lives. If we are planning to make a few trips to shore we’ll anchor closer to the dinghy dock. document.getElementById("af-body-1925292122").className = "af-body inline af-quirksMode"; We just returned from a full month in the Florida Keys where we rented a nice house (AirB&B) and a boat for the month of March. Yes, but just do the numbers. document.getElementById("af-header-1925292122").className = "af-header af-quirksMode"; Definitely not a life that I would choose. I aim to buy clothing of high quality that is durable for boat life. Too much isolation away from family, and too much stress to have someone awake at all times on overnight sails and too much stress with the constant repairs. Instead, we looked hard at our memberships and cut back or found free services to supplement. We don’t put ourselves in a position where we are in a hurry or have a schedule. Learn how your comment data is processed. In the last installment of our Top 10 lists we gave you the 10 things that drive us mental as live aboards. if (document.getElementById("af-header-1925292122")) { The cost of living in the DR is less than in the United States, Canada, and Europe. How Much Does It Cost To Live On A Boat??? With a sailboat, however, the living space is generally much smaller below deck. It’s still something I would like to give a try. I was afraid they were going to be hit by a 50-foot wave, lose power, run out of food, or any one of a number of calamities that seemed imminent. I hope you’ll try it for a couple weeks or a month sometime in the future and regale us with your sailing adventures. Usually this trip is done in a 40-50’ power boat, although sailboats have been used. We live in NZ 50 knot winds not uncommon. Get quotes based on where you'll be cruising and/or based in hurricane season. Opt for reusable makeup remover cloths to cut down on waste. ",