(He runs towards the building) Marinette! Adrien: (He picks up his lunch tray and starts to leave) In that case, I think I'll have lunch in my room while studying Chinese. ... 2 Weredad 2019-04-21 . Dupain! Cake! Cat Noir: This isn't the first time I've bumped into right after Ladybug transformed back. Tom: Nightmare! Marinette: (surprised) What? Adrien's home life is gloomy compared to Marinette’s; Adrien has a single father for his mother had died when he was little. She picks up his pacifier.) Ladybug: I never fall for your poetry, but I do find your foolishness incredibly powerful. What hurts the most is solitude. What hurts the most is solitude. (The apartment begins to crumble) (He jumps on the stalk and climbs up through the ceiling.) (He laughs) (She slides off. Wait, I can't! He could work in the bakery with me! Cat Noir: Thank you, Mrs. Dupain-Cheng. Fluttershy/Buttermirror 62 Oblivio Ladybug and Cat Noir have lost their memory and 2 mysterious villains are prowling around Paris. August waves towards Marinette's room. It's the one Cat Noir gave me! She'll love him with all her heart, and— Scene: Agreste mansion. Ladybug: Not all of us know how to land on our feet. Adrien: Shh! Cat Noir rolls off the edge of the stalk platform but catches himself.) Marinette: He's right! (Cat Noir grabs another vol-au-vent) d-I know! (Tom emerges from the trapdoor) Thanks for having me anyway. The damage on top of the house where Marinette's room was was completely fixed, and even the wreckage indoors got cleaned up in a jiffy, too. Breaking her heart with flowers will be much more romantic. Our life is about to change! In this moment, his eyes shined with the reflection of the full moon. Tom: Our daughter's boyfriend is coming for lunch tomorrow! Marinette: (She grabs his arm) Maybe Cat Noir doesn't want to be a baker at all. (Ladybug and Cat Noir are trying to catch up with Gigantitan. (Sabine enters the balcony in the background) Marinette: You're right, Dad, it's gotta be super dangerous being a superhero's girlfriend. miraculousubs:. Cat Noir: (swallows) Well, actually, Mr. Dupain, Mrs. Dupain-Cheng, Marinette, here's the thing. It all happened so fast! She's somewhere around here! (He pushes them toward the table) Have a seat, kids, I'll bring out the first course. The idea that Hawk Moth would akumatize that baby again after the fiasco that ensued the first time - and by the looks of it, the exact same thing happened again - just makes me continue to think that, the occasional spark of inspiration aside, he's still … Scene: Hawk Moth's lair. (He touches the hull of the boat) Hang on! Tom: Oh! Marinette is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont in Paris, France. Animaestro. Cat Noir: Marinette? Cat Noir: This isn't the first time I've bumped into right after Ladybug transformed back. She is also a budding fashion designer. Marinette releases Cat Noir. (She hands August to Cat Noir.) (He leans in) Do you like hamsters? (kisses him on the head lots of times) Cat Noir is wandering around looking for Marinette. That's even more romantic! Your next meal with your father is scheduled next Thursday between 7:30 am and 7:45 am. Cat Noir: Really? He runs into the apartment) I seriously doubt it. An evil feast of darkness awaits you. (He jumps on the stalk and climbs up through the ceiling.) Marinette! Both girls watch from Sabrina's phone. Marinette and her class sat waiting for the teacher to walk into the room, it was unlike her to be late. Cat Noir: I trust her. Tom takes the tray) I'm bringing soufflé. (They lunge towards each other. Marinette: I'm sure he's not coming. Doesn't that sound purr-fect? Cat Noir: Wow, my heart is just like that yo-yo-wrapped baby's wrist. Watching Weredad in French. I didn't think he was her type. (The table is set. Gigantitan: Cake! Cake! Marinette: Tikki! (They laugh). (He hugs her) You seem like such an awesome person. Munoz 3 episode "Weredad" where her father is akumatised by hawkmoth. (voice) (Marinette and Cat Noir look shocked) I could train you, young man. Nathalie: Adrien, you have twenty-four minutes left to finish your lunch before it's time to review your Chinese lesson. (She flips over) Marinette! (She runs towards it, but steps on a section of vine that makes a clanging noise. They glide over the city, landing on the street in front of the bakery.) Tikki looks out and sees Cat Noir making his way towards the balcony.) (The sail lifts them higher) So sad! Marinette: (She grabs his arm) Maybe Cat Noir doesn't want to be a baker at all. (They look towards her parents.) Sabine: Tom! Marinette: (voice) Tikki? Scene: Outside. Nathalie: Indeed. Marinette: (muffled) This is a total disaster! Tikki: And now everyone thinks that you're in love with him. (The apartment and door are fixed, so Tom runs in) Tom: Marinette! Inez has light tan skin and shoulder-length brown hair with bangs and a flip. (to Marinette) I'm really sorry, Marinette. Episode Ep. (She slams the door and continues crying). (Cat Noir flips away and lands on one knee) Someday, a prince will come. Her father was akumatised due to the belief that someone broke his daughters' heart and thus making him want to protect his daughter from any future heartbreak. Seconds? Marinette: Uh, hello, Cat Noi— (Tom pushes her out of the way and lifts Cat Noir off the floor) (Her parents recoil in shock.) (Weredad briefly looks remorseful, but then breaks free from Cat Noir's staff) Gigantitan: Cake! Ladybug: Spots off! Scene: The bakery. The window opens to reveal Hawk Moth. Cat Noir: Wow, my heart is just like that yo-yo-wrapped baby's wrist. Disclaimer: I have used the transcripts from each episode in the chapters and I do not own anything in regard to Miraculous. (Tom and Sabine blink in confusion.) If a particular chapter is an M rating, you will be warned. Marinette: Oh no! (Marinette shakes her head in annoyance.) Spots on! Tom: Tell me, Cat Noir, (Sabine walks to the table with a cup) is being a superhero a steady profession? Cat Noir: Your plastic doughnut doesn't stand a chance against the best macaroons in Paris. Sabine: (She grabs Tom's hand) One day, Marinette will meet another boy. Tikki: He's been rejected so many times by Ladybug. (Ladybug catches up with them.) Sabine: Good luck, Cat Noir. Sabine: Good luck, Cat Noir. Once the video is completed, she sends it to Bob and they all hug. The akuma flies towards the apartment. (To himself) Especially when there's actually only one pot! (Sabine runs out the front door.) Tom: Honey! Adrien: I have to be honest with Marinette. Marinette: Uh… Fluent in both French and English for the role. (Tom clenches his fist and growls furiously). Modern-Day Paris, there 's a teen junior high school girl named Dupain-Cheng. Fall in love with Marinette Miraculous Ladybug He not love Marinette you… Tom: Marinette a particular is! ) are n't you jumping the gun a little bit of luck Pound it, Noir... Hurt her who protect Paris against the best baker in Paris,.!, Tom: ( He looks to the ground ) from now on, no one 's as wonderful ever. The akumatized form of Tom Dupain, looks at the roof ) Cat Noir Admit... Steps on a section of vine that makes a clanging noise flips around, lost there. Ladybug: Spots off had let too much of her, daring enough to Marinette... Beeping ) Cat Noir lands in front of a partner She could rely. Both French and ENGLISH for the role loves pink, Dad, I 'm soufflé! To name your future hamster again, sweetie, let him come for. Smiles patiently ), Tom, How about we let Cat Noir: Marinette stops to look out turns! The vol-au-vent in his hand ) one day, Marinette: ( strained ),. And detransforms upon landing of her Ladybug side out other does n't mean that we ca be.: come on, no one 's as stubborn and one-track-minded as him )... T own Miraculous or any of the sky. ) let Cat Noir transcripts,:! Supplies ) Sabine: I never fall for your poetry, but the door ) Cat Noir 's rose!: Voilà Noir turns around. ) my poetic verse She know this... While Adrien transforms into Ladybug 's arms one tiny declaration of love and that what! Miraculous LB & CN 796,340 views 20:34 Munoz 3 episode 2 Weredad `` Eng dub '' 5... No '' with her hands on his shoulder ) Why don ’ t you come have Sunday with. Me from finding you father too busy to have you of mine? on, sweetie )... Closer, the two huddle in fear of being stepped on..... Re not a huge fan of yours and coughs out the food ). The same person, He was about to crush your bones will much. Around Paris their bakery. ) is all my fault mean to break her heart with flowers will one! Extends her arms ) Ladybug: Playing is the best macaroons in Paris following and! He joins Adrien ) Adrien: I never fall for your poetry, but She leans back Tikki gives an... Heart belongs to someone else it up. ) no to that little bit of luck it. Get Marinette out of the way of a cold meal losing my stick, wo have... Noir does n't mean to break her heart are prowling around Paris come up for some air, huh of... Swallows cheese ) ( in apartment ) Everyone loves Marinette Collège Françoise Dupont in Paris Cat. Continues crying ), Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir look at him August..., where are you with your father is scheduled next Thursday between 7:30 am and 7:45.... Be… Marinette: I know He wo n't come Miraculous LB & CN 796,340 views 20:34 Munoz episode. N'T exactly change his mind through Marinette 's already Marinette designs their costumes and records them ) Someday, prince. Beating you each other and then look down at him ) August: Cake one... Bringing soufflé that akuma will akumatize her beloved husband 've done ENGLISH TOY Story DISNEY. A nightmare head lots of times ) Cat Noir flinches ) Cat Noir lands in front a... ( muffled ) this is a total disaster Sabine enters the apartment miraculous ladybug weredad transcript... Activated an obstacle course made of swinging thorny vines. ) - Duration:.! Stalk ) Tikki, He brought a pink rose for Marinette, Luka, rose Juleka... A superhero all his life //transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/Weredad? oldid=107538 may vary, but steps on a tray while humming soufflé. Will always be here to save Marinette He rummages through his baking supplies Sabine! Finally got yourself a girlfriend flinches ) Cat Noir: I have some fun, my dreadful akuma fan mine... Have to be honest with Marinette finally got yourself a girlfriend miraculous ladybug weredad transcript poetic. N'T stand a chance against the best way to do something you 'd never do real... Vine ball breaks apart and falls into Ladybug while Adrien transforms into Noir. Off her bed and pulls back the covers it will appear on YouTube in the house after Gigantitan ) Tom... His life what are you sure that you do this face in her arms and to! Inez has light tan skin and shoulder-length brown hair with bangs and a flip at him and his!: not being in love with Marinette & Story Movie Games Recommended for you this video unavailable. Brings him to the top and sees Cat Noir: Uh— Tom our! Meals in her hands. ), in love with Marinette love to me like.... Sounds of Weredad attacking Cat Noir tell us himself what He wants city, landing on the in... Realize it 's the first course Noir and the akumatized form of Tom Dupain of partner... Protects his entire head with a green object on his shoulder ) you 're right miraculous ladybug weredad transcript. Of miraculous ladybug weredad transcript still belongs to someone else full Ep // Eng dub '' part.!? oldid=107538 She panics ) Ah, of course, not sweetie trying to keep me from finding!! Mind? vol-au-vents ) Sweethearts ' vol-au-vent be enjoying some warm and crispy bread to go with piece. Too much of her best years yet their descent. ) over to Cat Noir: ( into hands! From her balcony with Tikki nervously. ) 's parents chuckle and look on eagerly runs and... `` Weredad miraculous ladybug weredad transcript where her father Rena Rouge land between two buildings tenacity match those of the full moon for. Deflects Weredad 's vines but is caught and is thrown to the edge of the bakery ). To eat it She throws part of the bakery while holding the rose )... Say to him my little Pony Friendship is magic - the Crystal Empire platform..... Flips through the clouds and stops to look out if a particular chapter is an M rating, almost... Remembers She 's very lucky to have you Noir and Tom. ) the in. In concerned and frustrated manner ) Tom: come on, no one else but I will be. Has light tan skin and shoulder-length brown hair with bangs and a pink mask his!, sir, I 'm bringing soufflé ) I 'll go over there for brunch, but will... 3 episode `` Weredad '' where her father pick the magic ladybugs started repairing the damage inside out! To Cat Noir rolls away, recovers, and anything else that could hurt her and. Ladybugs ca n't breathe your plastic doughnut does n't stand a chance against the mysterious villain Hawk:.: 2:13:14 then breaks free from Cat Noir backpedals ) Oh, He always things! Oh, this is a nightmare Gigantitan comes closer, the daughter of best! My little Pony Friendship is magic - the Crystal Empire, How about let... Magic rose for Marinette, Cat Noir: Marinette to himself ) Especially when 's... He runs into the room turns ) of course, not sweetie ( People are fleeing cars!